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P200S AC servo driver


P series AC servo driver

P2000S AC servo driver, with powerful internal motion control function, can complete position, speed, torque, return to the original point and other control methods. It supports I/O control and standard ModbusRTU protocol. It can replace PLC or pulse module in some occasions, reducing application costs.

Keywords: die-casting series

Product details


1. Easy connection with touch screen (HMI);
2. Use PLC for RS485 motion control;
3. Direct control through switch;
4. Direct control through switch;


model P200S
output power 1KW~3KW
Main circuit transmission
Incoming power supply
Single phase/three-phaseAC220V-15%~+10%      50/60Hz
control mode  0: Position control mode; 1: Speed control mode; 2: Torque control mode; 3: Mixed control mode of position and speed; 4: Position torque hybrid control mode; 5: Speed torque hybrid control mode
Protection function Overspeed/main power overvoltage and undervoltage/overcurrent/overload/encoder abnormality/control power abnormality/position out of tolerance
Monitoring function Speed/current position/command pulse accumulation/position deviation/motor torque/motor current/operation status, etc
control input  1: Servo enable 2: alarm clear 3: CCW drive inhibit 4: CW drive inhibit 5: deviation counter clear 6: command pulse inhibit 7: CCW torque limit 8: CW torque limit
Control output Servo ready/servo alarm/positioning completed/mechanical braking
Energy consumption braking Support built-in and external
Applicable load Less than 3 times of motor inertia
Display operation 5-bit LED digital tube display, 4 operation keys
Communication mode RS485
position control  Input mode 0: Pulse+direction
1: CCW/CW pulse
2: A/B two-phase quadrature pulse
3: Internal position control
Input Electronics
Gear ratio
Gear ratio numerator: 1-32767
Denominator of gear ratio: 1-32767


Overall dimensions


wiring method