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P100S-40 AC servo driver


P series AC servo driver

P1000S-40 AC servo driver, with powerful internal motion control function, can complete position, speed, torque, return to the origin and other control methods. It supports I/O control and standard ModbusRTU protocol. It can replace PLC or pulse module in some occasions, reducing application costs.

Keywords: die-casting series

Product details


1. Easy connection with touch screen (HMI);
2. Use PLC for RS485 motion control;
3. Direct control through switch;
4. Direct control through switch;



model P100S-40
model Input mode
output power 0.05KW~0.4KW
Main circuit
Input power
Single phase AC220V - 15%~+10% 50/60Hz
Main circuit
Input power
0: Position control mode; 1: Speed control mode; 2: Torque control mode; 3: Mixed control mode of position and speed;
4: Position torque hybrid control mode; 5: Speed torque hybrid control mode
Protection function Overspeed/overvoltage and undervoltage of main power supply/overcurrent/overload/encoder abnormality/control power supply abnormality/position out of tolerance, etc
Monitoring function Speed/current position/command pulse accumulation/position deviation/motor torque/motor current/operation status, etc
control input  1: Servo enable 2: Alarm clear 3: CCW drive inhibit 4: CW drive inhibit
5: Deviation counter clearing 6: Command pulse prohibition 7: CCW torque limitation 8: CW torque limitation, etc
Control output Servo ready/servo alarm/positioning completed/mechanical braking, etc
Energy consumption braking Support built-in and external
Applicable load Less than 3 times of motor inertia
Display operation 5-bit LED digital tube display, 4 operation keys
Communication mode RS485
position control  Input mode 0: Pulse+direction
1: CCW/CW pulse
2: A/B two-phase quadrature pulse
3: Internal position control
Input Electronics
Gear ratio
Gear ratio numerator: 1-32767
Denominator of gear ratio: 1-32767


Overall dimensions


wiring method 
Wiring diagram of position control mode:


Wiring notes:

1. The internal+24V power supply voltage range is 20V~28V, and the maximum working current is 100mA. If an external 24V power supply is used, please connect the external power supply+24V to pin 16 (COM) and the external power supply 0V to pin 43 (E0V).
2. The DO output power supply shall be provided by the user, and the power supply range is 5V~24V. The maximum allowable voltage of DO port is DC30V, and the maximum allowable current is 50mA.

Speed/torque control mode wiring diagram: