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P100E-75 AC servo driver


P series bus AC servo driver

P100E-75 AC servo driver is a bus type servo driver with bus communication function added on the basis of P series high-performance AC servo driver. Using EtherCAT bus communication interface, based on EtherCAT slave technology, the transmission rate of 100Mb/s realizes real-time control and real-time data transmission of the servo system. The driver has rich input and output interfaces and supports CSP, CSV, CST, PP, PV, PT and HM operation modes. Compared with the traditional pulse type servo driver, the driver is particularly suitable for long-distance, multi axis linkage applications, which can greatly reduce wiring and enhance the reliability of the driver operation.

Keywords: die-casting series

Product details


1. The working voltage is AC 220V ± 10%, single-phase/three-phase, 50/60Hz;
2. Support EtherCAT communication protocol, and the address is automatically assigned through the master station;
3.8 Single ended co anode isolation input function, the maximum input frequency is 10KHz, and the input voltage is 24V;
4.6 optocoupler isolated output, the maximum output capacity is 50mA, and the maximum withstand voltage is 30Vdc.



model P100E-75
output power 0.75KW~1KW
Main circuit Input power Single phase AC220V - 15%~+10% 50/60Hz
Monitoring function Speed/current position/command pulse accumulation/position deviation/motor torque/motor current/operation status, etc
control mode  Position control mode/speed control mode/test run control mode/JOG control mode/torque control mode
Protection function Overspeed/overvoltage and undervoltage of main power supply/overcurrent/overload/encoder abnormality/control power supply abnormality/position out of tolerance, etc
control input  1: Negative limit 2: positive limit 3: origin signal 4: CCW drive inhibit 5: CW drive inhibit
6: Deviation counter clearing 7: command pulse prohibition 8: CCW torque limit 9: CW torque limit
Energy consumption braking Built in/external
Applicable load Less than 3 times of motor inertia
Display operation 5-bit LED digital tube display, 4 operation keys
input output signal number input signal The 8-channel DI signal can change the signal distribution: servo enable, alarm clear, forward and reverse drive inhibit, zero speed box position, zero
Command, command inversion, speed selection, torque selection, pulse input prohibition, zero return signal, probe, positive
Directional limit, negative limit, etc
number output signal 6-channel DO signal can change signal distribution: servo ready, alarm zero speed, positioning completed, speed arrived. Torque to
Da. Electromagnetic brake, servo running, positioning approaching, torque limiting, speed limiting
number output signal Input mode Bus communication
Input Electronics Gear ratio Gear shaft ratio accuracy: 1-131,072
Gear ratio motor accuracy: 17 bit, 23 bit absolute value


Overall dimensions


Wiring method 
The following wiring diagram takes P100E series driver as an example: