How to Control the Manipulator Control System of Injection Molding Machine


The control elements of injection molding machine manipulator control system include operation sequence, arrival direction, action time, motion speed, acceleration and deceleration, etc. The manipulator control system of the injection molding machine can be planned and controlled in numerical order according to the needs of the action. It first needs to prepare a program for storage, and then operate the manipulator according to the specified program.
There are two storage methods for programs: separate storage and collective storage. Separation storage is to store the information of various control elements in two or more storage devices respectively, such as the sequence information is stored in the latch plate, cam drum and perforated belt; The azimuth information is stored in the time relay, constant speed reverse drum, etc; Centralized storage is to store all the information of various control elements in a storage device, such as tape, magnetic drum, etc. This method is used in situations where sequence, direction, time and speed must be controlled at the same time, that is, in the case of continuous control.